Local Farmers & Restaurant Week


Richmond Restaurant Week starts tomorrow April 23rd and runs through Sunday April 29th. This annual event offers an opportunity for you to savor a gourmet, 3-course meal for only $25.12 at 40 of Richmond’s hottest fine dining locations.  In addition, your dinner out will help feed children, working poor families, homebound neighbors and the elderly on fixed incomes by supporting the Central Virginia Food Bank and Meals on Wheels.

To help you decide where to go, we are listing below where you can find ingredients from Fall Line Farms farmers at these local restaurants.

Just another way to vote for your favorite farmer and enjoy fabulous fresh food!

Amour Wine Bistro – Manakintowne Specialty Growers produce

Amuse at the VMFACasselmonte Farm produce, Manakintowne Specialty Growers produce

Aziza’s – Manakintowne Specialty Growers produce

Julep’s – Manakintowne Specialty Growers produce, Brookview Farm grass fed beef and Rockcastle Farm shiitake mushrooms and fresh vegetables.

Mezzanine HaaShrooms mushrooms and Manakintowne Specialty Growers produce

Millie’s Diner – Manakintowne Specialty Growers produce

Secco – Manakintowne Specialty Growers produce

Six BurnerAgriberry berries, Breeze Hill Farm quail eggs, Casselmonte Farm produce, Manakintowne Specialty Growers produce


Get a preview of the menus for participating restaurants in Richmond.com’s Guide to Restaurant Week.

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