Casselmonte Farm: Bringing Taste Back to the Table

Casselmonte-Farm-Sunset- Powhatan-Virginia

By India & Bill Cox, Casselmonte Farm

“Bringing Taste Back to the Table” is more than a tag line for Casselmonte Farm. It’s how we, India and Bill Cox, got started in the market garden business in 2008. We were frustrated by the quality of tomatoes we could buy and, both being from the rural South where everyone had gardens (Georgia and South Carolina, respectively), we decided we need to grow some great tomatoes.

Well, it’s gotten out of hand. Currently, we have 80 heirloom tomato plants (six varieties) in the process of producing slicers for mid June. Why wait for July 4th?  Our field tomatoes – 42 heirloom varieties (650 plants) – will be in the ground next week, gearing up for the July/August/September season. It’s time to tune your taste buds for real tomatoes – everything grown organically!

Casselmonte is all about taste and nutrition. We work really hard to pick our produce at their peak of perfection. At that point, they are at their most nutritious and real powerhouses of flavor.

What else is in the ground for 2012? Asparagus has enjoyed an early spring run. Next on the menu are the blueberries, blackberries and raspberries – looking good for late May/June/July delivery. Joining the tomatoes in the garden will be Italian eggplant, sweet peppers and okra. (Remember: we’re from the Deep South!) Crenshaw melons will come on line in July. (If you want to know the taste of sweet summer sunshine, enjoy a Crenshaw!)

blackberries compared

Starting in September, the ginger, turmeric and galangal will be ready for harvest! 2011 was our first year of growing ginger, and it was great fun – and amazing eating! The 2011 harvest was covered by The Washington Post, and the 2012 harvest will be featured on Richard Nunnally’s Virginia Home Grown September 25!

But not everything is in the ground at Casselmonte! Located just inside the tree line are our Shiitake mushroom logs! Grown on logs, in the woods (rather than bags in a warehouse), our Shiitakes are coming on line now.

You can learn more through our Web site: and by following us on Facebook! From April to December, we have something to tickle your tastebuds!

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