NoBull Burger


NoBull Burger is our producer of the week. Below is info on this delicious Gourmet Veggie Burger®.

NoBull Burger is a locally owned and operated family business that is bringing you fabulous tasting, extraordinary, healthy, gourmet veggie burgers right into your kitchen. NoBull Burger originated many years ago, when chef/caterer, Crissanne Raymond, was looking for a better veggie burger that tasted yummy (and was good for you, too!).

NoBull Burger, the Gourmet Veggie Burger® is a mouth-watering burger that is loaded with hearty organic ingredients packed into an organic & natural veggie burger. NoBull Burger is filled with high protein, whole grain fiber and nutrients. Not meant to be meat imitation, but a bold flavor, whole food, true veggie burger. But most of all it tastes amazing! We start with organic lentils and barley with chunks of organic carrots, spinach, onions, spelt, free range eggs (from happy chickens!) and wheat free tamari sauce. Each burger is handmade and pan seared in 100% canola oil creating a revolutionary, power food that leaves you feeling good about eating a burger!

Also available is our NoBull Burger, Savory Mushroom & Roasted Garlic flavor that is the same lentil-barley base with organic spinach, onions, and full of savory mushrooms and roasted garlic. NoBull Burger is delicious as a sandwich, but can also be used on salads, burritos, pastas, and anything else you can get creative with!

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