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just picked farm arugula

Montpelier, Virginia in Western Hanover County

We are David and Georgia Brown, with two children a son in the Air Force and daughter that just graduated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We have been living on our farm since 2001 after moving from Texas. The hot weather in Virginia is much cooler than the heat in Texas, but we enjoy the four seasons and the trees that surround us.

Our farming started small on an acre of the reddest clay we had ever seen, the earth is now a dark brown color from the many tons of compost and ground covers and every time we dig there are many earth worms looking out for the next shovel.

We also started a larger garden eight miles down the road. It’s four acre’s. The entire garden is enough for two people to work. We do have help from our chickens when we allow them access to the ground.  They scratch and peck and fertilize. And our growing methods are a natural effort without chemicals. We are Certified Naturally Grown. One of our larger customers says we use Best Practices. We learned how to avoid chemicals from our neighborhood of farmers and some other best examples. So the produce grows slowly and has been some of the best food that we have ever put on our table.

The Arugula grows great in our dirt and is a hot and spicy addition to salads and makes a fantastic pesto. That’s Arugula growing in the picture.

David & Georgia Brown

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